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Gmail for Business

Why Should You Use Gmail for Business?

Businesses today are soon figuring out the importance of Google Apps that can help them use Gmail for their business. Google Apps has made a lot of advancement to add features that will help businesses to use Gmail as their email client.

The only limitation of using Gmail that kept business users away from it was the use of the generic email client name in the email address and not having one’s own business name as the domain name in the email address. Google apps has overcome this limitation and now you can have your business name hosted as the domain using the Google services. You can now use the Gmail features to send emails, tasks, calendar invites etc. from an email address which will have included in it.

Other important features like the availability of canned responses, label and nested label features (which helps you create folders with customized names), rich signature feature, etc. makes this email client perfect for your business communication needs. Prerecorded responses helps you reply to emails quickly. In addition, it also has an offline feature which will help you operate Gmail even if you do not have a steady internet connection. You can now manage and segregate your emails well with the “Label” feature.

The Support for Gmail is also widely as well as quickly available. Whether it is Gmail Technical Support or Gmail Customer Support, it is all readily available to help you with any email concerns so that you do not face any email downtime for your business.

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