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Verizon Email Moving to AOL Mail

Are you confused because Verizon just provided you with an AOL Email account? Well, here is some good news for you. Verizon is collaborating with AOL to provide its customer in FL, CA and Texas a unified and better email experience. There are a host of benefits that you can expect with the AOL email.

Benefits of the AOL Email

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the advantages that you will get with the AOL email.

  • Attachments in your email can be as large as 25 MB now with the AOL email
  • You can now use your inbox to send SMSs and instant messages
  • The AOL app will help you manage your email account with ease
  • Advanced protection from Viruses
  • Enhanced spam filtering methods
  • Extended storage space for your emails and files
  • Improved managing of your calendar items with the AOL calendar

So now while you log into your Verizon account and see a message which informs you about your AOL email account, do not get stumbled, as Verizon has recently made this move of providing its customers in Florida, California and Texas with an AOL Email login account.

Action Needed At Your End

If you are wondering that your email address will change because of this step from Verizon, then you are mistaken as Verizon has ensured that the will work while you try to login to your AOL account. However, while you try to login to AOL using the Verizon Email Login then you will have to change your password and a new password has to be created which will be used in the future to login to the AOL account.

There is no way to recover your password of the Verizon AOL email account if you have not migrated your Verizon email before April 1st of 2016. However, if you remember your Verizon password and have not migrated you email account before April 1st of 2016 then you still have a duration of 6 months in hand during which you can migrate the Verizon Email to AOL.

For Flickr and Yahoo groups, you will need to use your Yahoo account for logging into these services. The Verizon Email Signin account after migrating to AOL will not work with the Flickr or Yahoo groups. You can always echo the Verizon account information into your Yahoo email account and it is a good idea to preserve all the information before you migrate your Verizon account to AOL so that you can use it later.

So now use and create new AOL account with ease if you are in FL, CA and TX as your Verizon account is now providing you with an AOL account.

3 thoughts on “Verizon Email Moving to AOL Mail

  1. Do we have to register with AOL Mail, if so how? They had a video which showed you what you had to do to migrate, something about them giving you some number you need to register. But I can’t find the video anymore,
    Tomorrow is the last date to change from Verizon mail to AOL Mail help PLEASE !

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