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Windows Live Hotmail Security

Top Security Enhancements in Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail account is one of the most useful services that will help you manage your emails better. Hotmail Support is available across a number of sources. Support for Hotmail will help you manage your Windows Live Hotmail account better.

The enhanced security features in Windows Live Hotmail account not only keeps the data and your personal information safe while you check your emails but also helps you avoid any risk in the future with the help of the “Personalized Block List” that you can make to highlight and identify suspected email accounts.

Some of the key security enhancements that one should be cognizant about are –

Heightened Protection from Spam – You can block a suspected sender from sending emails to you further by clicking on the “mark as unsafe” link. The filters for marking junk emails will be updated once you click the link and the sender will be blocked from sending any further malicious emails to you.

Safety Bar – This is a mind blowing feature in the Windows Live Hotmail account. This bar operates in 3 colors. It provides you with a security alert by showing the red color if it suspects some content to be fraudulent. An email from an unknown sender who is not on your contact list will show this bar in yellow. The bar stays white if you receive an email from someone already in your contact list.

Virus Scan – All mails and attachments are scanned for virus protection.

Explore these features in the Windows Live Hotmail account and have an awesome experience while browsing through your emails.

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