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Windows Live Hotmail

Personalization at its Best with Windows Live Hotmail

Have an awesome experience of managing and viewing your emails with the help of the Windows Live Hotmail account. Let’s now look into some of the features that helps you customize or personalize the email viewing experience in your Windows Live Hotmail account.

Customize the Filters – Segregating messages is simple and hassle free with this account. You can easily divert messages to different folders to keep you Inbox clean and organized.

Multiple “From” Addresses – You can now add up to 5 email addresses into this account. Therefore, you now have the flexibility of sending mails from any of the 5 email addresses.

Enhanced Photo Upload – Multiple photos can now be labeled and uploaded using the Active X installation which is available as a downloadable file with the Windows Live Hotmail account.

Windows Live Calendar – This account can serve you more than just as an email client. You can now manage a task list, document notes, set reminders and update calendar items with the help of the Windows Live Calendar application which is a part of this account.

Ample Storage Space – You will also have an initial allocation of 2 GB of space for your account. So running out of space is a far sighted event.

This account is one of the brilliant offerings from Hotmail Support. You can definitely contact the Hotmail Technical Support or the Hotmail Customer Support for more help with regards to your account. Explore all the personalization features to customize the email viewing as per your choices.

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